Ramblings of a confused MIND!

Some days I like to wake up early and watch the sun rising slowly from the horizon. And today just happens to be one of those days, when I amble around my neighborhood, watching the sky, as it changes its color from black to lavender, to red and then to blue. As the dawn is approaching, half the sky is ablaze with the rising sun and half is still shrouded with watery inks of the night. I like it when the sky is filled with shades of red. It looks as if the sky is bleeding, bleeding with life and hope for the future, a hope for eternity. The street is silent but in the distance, I can still hear the low rumbles of cars. I want to run and feel the wind tugging my hair, soft grasses tickling my feet and those morning rays embracing my soul.

 As the wind transverse through me, I feel more alive. I get this surreal feeling of being somewhere else. It sends me to nostalgia, which does not even seem to belong to me. Sounds morbid enough but I prefer calling it the morning anomaly. Often when I feel broken, or betrayed, or hurt I let myself suffer. I walk miles until my legs are drained and this physical pain surpasses the pain my heart is feeling. But It’s easy to fool the mind, not the heart. The other morning as I was walking, I saw a bird swiftly descending from a tree ; I stretched to have a closer view, as it landed it began poking the ground with its beak, within few seconds, it picked a worm, as it was picking the worm it moved its neck around as if ensuring that no one was looking and then it flew back to its nest. Most probably the worm became a feast for its chicks. It was nothing out of ordinary yet I was captivated, that very scene eased my heart. And sometimes that’s all I need to smile. Nature is a wonder if only we have time to stand and stare. It has everything, every question, and every answer. I have small Frangipani (Champa) tree at my premise. Whenever I see those Frangipani falling in heaps, while giving off their sweet fragrance, I start wondering if we human can be as selfless as that and be kind to one another without expecting anything in return. If we can be as forgiving as those flowers, which give off alluring smell even when they are crushed. If we can be best of our kind.

Quote of the day:

“I am free and that is why I am lost”-Frank Kafka

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